Our Story

Our story is simple. 

"Superior Quality, Passion for BBQ, Made in the USA".     

 At Texrod BBQ Tools, we got tired of cheap, flimsy, meaningless, mass produced BBQ tools made with zero passion for BBQ.  So we set out to change just that.

Texrod BBQ Tools is defiant, resilient, and full of grit.  Just like the BBQ tools we craft.  We are proud to be amongst the last of a dying breed of Made in the USA products.  We are built with pride and passion, and we're not afraid to stand alone in a market full of inferior BBQ tools.  We are the exception, and damn proud of it.

Texrod BBQ Tools are crafted in the USA using high grade electropolished stainless steel one small batch at a time.  Each BBQ tool is designed by pitmasters for pitmasters.  We stand for superior quality and take great pride in the BBQ tools that we produce.

Texrod BBQ Tools are built to last a lifetime and to be passed down along with your love and passion for BBQ.  Texrod BBQ Tools is here to help you create memories and moments in BBQ that will live on forever just like our BBQ tools.

So "Come and 'Que It" with Texrod BBQ Tools!